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Walking To Lose Weight

Walking To Lose Weight – Does It Work?

Walking is a “must-do” addition to any weight loss plan. Whether you walk outside or on a treadmill, it provides unmatched benefits. At its most basic, walking to lose weight burns calories.

Many people simply don’t enjoy running or jogging and that’s understandable. Running can also take a higher toll on the body, physically.

Walking on the other hand, can be incorporated easily into your life but provide exactly the same benefits as running!

Why Walk?
There are countless reasons why walking is probably the most popular form of exercise for those who want to lose weight, as well as for people who simply want to get and stay fit.

1. Calorie burning
Obviously, going for a brisk 20-40 minute walk everyday is going to contribute considerably to your calorie burning. the faster you walk, the faster your heart will pump, and the more calories you’ll burn. It is simple science which works.

2. Bone health
This is particularly important for post-menopausal women. Walking can improve bone density as well as slowing down the rate of bone less in your legs.

3. Psychological benefits
Multiple studies have found that walking to lose weight or just for fun, daily, helps to ease depression, anxiety and stress, as well as promoting a more positive outlook on life.

Similar studies have shown that regular walking also assists cognitive function.

4. Convenient and fun
Walking outdoors should be pleasant. You simply don’t have to dread your exercise if it involves being outdoors in nature; and hopefully you have somewhere you can go that is a natural, pleasant environment in which to do your regular walking.

Without a doubt, walking in a stimulating and pleasing environment certainly minimizes the “work” feeling of this type of exercise. It can even be fun!

Walking to lose weight should be almost top of the list for any weight reduction and healthy weight maintenance plan. It’s not only healthy, but fun as well.

Once you have some set walking routes in place, or a goal plan for your treadmill, you’ll find yourself becoming more and more motivated to walk every single day – for fun and weight loss!

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