About Me

Hi my name is Eunice. I’m a little over 40 and enjoying life. I have a degree in biology and I love healthy living. One thing that I promised myself when I turned age 40 was to stay healthy. So my goal from age 40 to now has been to stay fit and trim.

But during these last couple of years I have found it harder and harder to control my weight or just to lose weight period. I used to be able to drop 10 lbs easily in just a few weeks. But now that I’m a little older it takes me a little longer to get a couple of pounds off.

If this sounds like you then we have something in common. Our metabolism has slowed down considerably because of different factors in our life.

Because of this I want to share ideas, plans and information on how to keep the weight off after age 40.

So check here often for great information on weight management.

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