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Ageing Successfully

7 Keys to Successful Ageing

Being over 40 is such a great experience. We are at the point in life to where we can practically do whatever we want to do. Instead of thinking about ageing gracefully consider this as the time in life to LIVE. That said, here are 7 ways to age successfully. (more…)

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Heart Healthy Diet

What is a Heart Healthy Diet?

A heart healthy diet is one that has the best interest of not only your heart in mind, but every other aspect of your body as well.

The functioning of your arteries and organs are also key to heart health, and when these are in good condition then you are less likely to suffer from any non-hereditary heart conditions.

a heart healty diet

Are there such things as heart health foods? We know there are certainly hundreds of foods which are hazardous to the health of our hearts and other organs, but which foods can actually help them?

As a rule, anything that contains high amounts of bad fats should be avoided. This means all fried and fast food, as well as most processed foods.

It goes without saying that (more…)

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Used Exercise Equipment

Used Exercise Equipment – What to Look For

Fitness equipment can be extremely expensive. Buying high quality, well made gym equipment can literally cost an arm and a leg, that is why so many people opt to go to a gym instead.

used weight loss equipment

But if you know where to fined used exercise equipment for a good price, you can save thousands of dollars and set up your very own home fitness center.

So what equipment should you buy? It depends upon your goals. If you aim to lose weight, then a treadmill should be at the top of your list. Remembering however weight training also leads to weight loss, some strength equipment is also a good idea.

Dumbbells and barbells and single weights to go on them are generally priced low enough to buy brand new from a store, however you could find them even cheaper second hand on eBay or Craigslist.

Most people searching for used exercise equipment however, will be wanting to find some of the more expensive (more…)

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Weight Loss Plateau

What Happens When You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau?

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Green Tea

Green Tea and Weight Loss

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Metabolism Boosters

Metabolism Boosters – Foods That Can Quicken Your Metabolism

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Weight Loss Ideas

4 Fun Weight Loss Ideas

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Walking To Lose Weight

Walking To Lose Weight – Does It Work?

Walking is a “must-do” addition to any weight loss plan. Whether you walk outside or on a treadmill, it provides unmatched benefits. At its most basic, walking to lose weight burns calories.

Many people simply don’t enjoy running or jogging and that’s understandable. Running can also take a higher toll on the body, physically.

Walking on the other hand, can be incorporated easily into your life but provide exactly the same benefits as running!

Why Walk?
There are countless reasons why walking is probably the most popular form of exercise for those who want to lose weight, as well as for people who simply want to get and stay fit.

1. Calorie burning
Obviously, going for a brisk 20-40 minute walk everyday is going to contribute considerably to your (more…)

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Muscle and Fitness

The Muscle and Fitness Connection to Weight Loss

There is a direct connection between muscle and fitness, and weight loss. If you wish to lose weight then you simply need to burn more calories than you’re consuming.

In addition, to keep weight off and to increase the speed in which your body burns fat, you can participate in (more…)

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Ideal Body Weight

Facts About Ideal Body Weight

The ideal body weight for one person will always be slightly (or vastly) different to that of another person. It is not always enough to base the figure solely on height. Other factors can come into play including:

  • gender
  • age
  • body type or frame size
  • racial heritage

On various websites you will find ideal body weight calculators. These tools let you input your height and sometimes your age and other details, and you’ll get an approximate weight returned. This can be used as the basis for your weight loss regime.

Some examples of ideal body weights for (more…)

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