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Ab Exercises

Ab Exercises…. Great for Losing Fat

Losing fat around your midsection is the key to having visible abdominal muscles. Contrary to popular belief, and misunderstanding, you don’t actually need to build your ab muscles in order to grow them – they are not like your arm or leg muscles.

Instead, doing ab exercises combined with fat burning cardio fitness will result in fat loss – especially that spare tire around the stomach that hides the muscles underneath.

ab exercises

Numerous studies prove that people, especially men (who are prone to storing fat there) who have excess weight around their middle, are more likely to suffer from health problems.

So it goes without saying that trimming down this part of your body will (more…)

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Core Exercises

What are Core Exercises?

The core of your body is the main structure that allows the rest of your body to move well. It consists of your lower back, abs and hips. Without a strong core you can suffer from weakness, muscle loss and eventually conditions like arthritis and back pain.


Strengthening this part of your body with core exercises also helps you to do weight training exercises in proper form – this results in a considerably less chance of experiencing injuries or improper posture.

There are dedicated exercises that you can do for core strengthening. Some are done on the floor, others may use a Swiss ball. (more…)

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Used Exercise Equipment

Used Exercise Equipment – What to Look For

Fitness equipment can be extremely expensive. Buying high quality, well made gym equipment can literally cost an arm and a leg, that is why so many people opt to go to a gym instead.

used weight loss equipment

But if you know where to fined used exercise equipment for a good price, you can save thousands of dollars and set up your very own home fitness center.

So what equipment should you buy? It depends upon your goals. If you aim to lose weight, then a treadmill should be at the top of your list. Remembering however weight training also leads to weight loss, some strength equipment is also a good idea.

Dumbbells and barbells and single weights to go on them are generally priced low enough to buy brand new from a store, however you could find them even cheaper second hand on eBay or Craigslist.

Most people searching for used exercise equipment however, will be wanting to find some of the more expensive (more…)

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Weight Training Programs

Weight Training Programs

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Weight Training Routines

Planning Your Weight Training Routines

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Weight Training Equipment

Which Weight Training Equipment Should You Use?

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Walking To Lose Weight

Walking To Lose Weight – Does It Work?

Walking is a “must-do” addition to any weight loss plan. Whether you walk outside or on a treadmill, it provides unmatched benefits. At its most basic, walking to lose weight burns calories.

Many people simply don’t enjoy running or jogging and that’s understandable. Running can also take a higher toll on the body, physically.

Walking on the other hand, can be incorporated easily into your life but provide exactly the same benefits as running!

Why Walk?
There are countless reasons why walking is probably the most popular form of exercise for those who want to lose weight, as well as for people who simply want to get and stay fit.

1. Calorie burning
Obviously, going for a brisk 20-40 minute walk everyday is going to contribute considerably to your (more…)

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Pilates Exercises

Pilates Exercises – The Basics

What is Pilates?
Pilates exercises are a set of routines that are undertaken to enhance physical strength, flexibility, concentration, coordination and posture.

It assists you in keeping your body strong for life by making you consciously think about your posture and movements.

What Health Benefits Can Pilates Provide? (more…)

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Home Exercise Equipment

Types of Home Exercise Equipment

Home exercise equipment is something that virtually everyone wanting to lose weight will eventually purchase. So what types are available?

Cardio Equipment
By far the most sought after and effective equipment to own if you need to lose weight is cardio equipment.

Many people choose not to purchase it – if you prefer to do your cardio training via simply walking, swimming, running, cycling and skipping then purchasing a treadmill may seem redundant.

But on the other hand, having equipment that you can use indoors is (more…)

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Finding Time to Exercise

3 Tips for Finding Time to Exercise

Everyone is busy nowadays. And sadly, that means many people abandon that which is most important: exercise and health. But it doesn’t require hours per day to start up a fitness regime.

It just requires dedication, motivation and less than an hour per day. It’s amazing how we can start finding time to exercise once we really start to look.

Most people have a spare 30 to 60 minutes to spare daily, even if they don’t realize it. How much time do you spend watching television in the afternoon?

Or perhaps that extra 20 minutes in bed after the alarm clock can be slowly replaced by a brisk morning walk.

Here are three easy ways to fit exercise into your daily routine: (more…)

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