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Pilates Exercises

Pilates Exercises – The Basics

What is Pilates?
Pilates exercises are a set of routines that are undertaken to enhance physical strength, flexibility, concentration, coordination and posture.

It assists you in keeping your body strong for life by making you consciously think about your posture and movements.

What Health Benefits Can Pilates Provide?
The main reason people do pilates is to improve their muscle tone, flexibility and strength. Others do it for the mental relaxation and concentration it requires.

Pilates also requires you to focus on breathing, and this can be carried over to the other exercising you do such as running, swimming and weight training.

When you are aware of correct breathing techniques, you can really start to get the most from your workouts.

Can Pilates Help Me To Lose Weight?

Pilates has a distinct advantage that assists with weight loss: it helps you maintain lean muscle mass.

And as you know, having more muscle leads to less fat and faster weight loss.

So in that regard, pilates is excellent as part of a weight loss regime. It is not a substitute for aerobic exercise, but is certainly a worthy and beneficial addition to your weekly routine.

Is Pilates Difficult?
Anyone can do pilates exercises. There are very basic routines you can start out with, and from there you can progress to more complex, and longer workouts. Obtaining a pilates instructional DVD or two can provide excellent assistance and tuition in doing it correctly.

Alternatively, you can even join local pilates classes. These are becoming more and more popular and virtually every local gym or health center will have regular pilates classes for all fitness levels.

Pilates is extremely inexpensive to get into. All you require at a very basic level is a pilates map.

From there you can choose to teach yourself from online sources, or spend a small amount of money on instructional videos or pilates gym classes.

Pilates exercises are a fantastic addition to your weekly workout routine. By combining pilates with your cardio exercises as well as your weight training, you’ll ensure that you lose weight, while at the same time you benefit from the flexibility and posture enhancing advantages of pilates.

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