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Ideal Body Weight

Facts About Ideal Body Weight

The ideal body weight for one person will always be slightly (or vastly) different to that of another person. It is not always enough to base the figure solely on height. Other factors can come into play including:

  • gender
  • age
  • body type or frame size
  • racial heritage

On various websites you will find ideal body weight calculators. These tools let you input your height and sometimes your age and other details, and you’ll get an approximate weight returned. This can be used as the basis for your weight loss regime.

Some examples of ideal body weights for women are:

Ideal body weight: 111-147 pounds depending upon body type

Ideal body weight: 129-170 pounds depending upon body type

Ideal body weight: 138-179 pounds depending upon body type

As you can see there is a big range of weight possibilities, and this will all come down to whether you are a small, medium or large frame and of course, your age.

It’s not realistic to expect that our target weight will be the same as when we are 45, compared to when we were 21.

As people age, their body shape changes and it’s perfectly natural that we are not going to look like 20-somethings forever.

Often our metabolism can slow down as we get older, and hormonal changes can also have an influence; for example, menopause.

Men are more likely to start gaining weight around the middle section once they reach age 40 and beyond. It is a key time to start focusing on your diet and exercise regime, as it’s easy to let weight gain get out of control at this important stage in your life.

Failure to do so can have an impact on serious health concerns like heart health, cholesterol and diabetes, just to name a few.

Middle aged people may feel they do not have the energy they had when they were 20 or 30. This can lead to apathy when it comes to exercise, when in fact, exercising GIVES you energy.

You will find in a very short period of time of regular exercise, that your energy levels are rising and that you no longer feel sluggish – this makes it considerably easier to motivate yourself to exercise.

Your ideal body weight for your age and body type should be your ultimate weight loss goal – it’s now up to you to reach it!

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