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Finding Time to Exercise

3 Tips for Finding Time to Exercise

Everyone is busy nowadays. And sadly, that means many people abandon that which is most important: exercise and health. But it doesn’t require hours per day to start up a fitness regime.

It just requires dedication, motivation and less than an hour per day. It’s amazing how we can start finding time to exercise once we really start to look.

Most people have a spare 30 to 60 minutes to spare daily, even if they don’t realize it. How much time do you spend watching television in the afternoon?

Or perhaps that extra 20 minutes in bed after the alarm clock can be slowly replaced by a brisk morning walk.

Here are three easy ways to fit exercise into your daily routine:

1. Split your exercise into sessions – If you can’t fit a full thirty or sixty minute exercise workout in the morning or afternoon, cut it in half.

For example, you could walk in the morning and do a little cycle machine, swimming or light resistance exercises in the afternoon.

2. Get up a little earlier – even if you’re not normally a late riser, could you arise even a little earlier? That extra 20 minutes or so that you could dedicate to an early morning walk or cycle can certainly mean all the difference in the long run and certainly makes finding time to exercise during the rest of the day a little less stressful.

3. Walk instead of driving – do you attend events or small shop outings at locations that are less than 10 minutes drive from your home? If so, you could consider walking instead of driving.

While it will make the trip duration a little longer, the benefits are immense: exercise, fresh air and being outdoors do wonders not only for your weight, but for your overall well being too.

Finding time to exercise does not have to be challenging or stressful. Even just twenty minutes per day of brisk walking, cycling or light weight training will make a huge difference to your health and energy levels in just a few weeks.

And in the long term it will contribute to a minimized chance of developing various health conditions, as well as assisting you in maintaining your desired weight. When it comes to exercise, there are only positives!

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